Welcome to Thailand, the land of smile.The finest country in the southeast asia that has many wonderful travel places around and enrichment of beautiful culture, people with painting smile on their faces. You will get the most admirable experience when you Trip-2-Thai land

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  • Thai Life 3,500 years ago, Thais established their kingdom at "Ban Chiang" and later scattered to various part of south-east Asia. After this country changed her name from "Siam" to be "Thailand" means "land of the free" in 1949, Thailand has grown up and ready to welcome you to visit

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  • Trip-2-North of Thailand 5-province that was called "Lanna Kingdom", located northern of Thailand will be recommended to everyone who love to touch the wonderful culture and friendly peolple.
  • Trip-2-Bangkok The capital city of Thailand, we call "Krung Thep" in Thai means City of Angle. This is a land most beautiful in nature, art and culture. The city was for merely known as the "Venice of the East". Bangkok is a famous and modern metropolis, attracting international business as well as tourist.
  • Trick for Trips Thailand has the beautiful culture and social value. Some of Thai tradition may be different from yours. By the way, most of Thai's culture based on the courstesy and "Nam Chai (water of the heart)", so let you learn what you should 'Do and Don't in Thailand' before your trip. And learn to speak Thai with 'Easy to Speak Thai'.
  • VAT Refund for Tourists Information Your trip in Thailand should be more funny by VAT refund for any non-Thai tourist. Read this onformation before shopping in Thailand as : Who can claim VAT refunds?, How will the refund be paid? and etc.

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